Current Projects

Blast Commerce is an ecommerce agency specializing in Shopify store design, development, and marketing. Catering to a diverse range of clients, from startups to established companies, the team is adept at delivering custom solutions tailored to each brand’s unique needs. Whether creating bespoke themes or implementing dynamic digital marketing strategies, the agency’s expertise covers the full spectrum of ecommerce necessities for both B2B and D2C brands.

Past Projects

ScribblSheets was a premier paper journal brand that championed the art of disconnecting in a hyper-connected world. The notebooks and journals boasted superior quality materials, ensuring every stroke of a pen or brush was a step towards bringing ideas and inspirations to life. ScribblSheets helped creators make their mark with products that stand the test of time.

GeekGalaxee was an online clothing retailer specializing in streetwear. It was designed not just to make a fashion statement but to propel customers towards their passions. Each item embodied a blend of comfort, creativity, and aesthetics. At GeekGalaxee, the mission went beyond clothing; it was a call to reach beyond the stars. The brand empowered customers to pursue their dreams with confidence and flair, making every step an expression of their personal journey and ambition.

ChordConcepts specialized in crafting professional biographies for modern creatives. Catering to artists, musicians, solopreneurs, writers, and thought leaders, ChordConcepts simplified the process of transforming a personal journey into a compelling biography designed to captivate and engage. The service gave clients a powerful tool to attract opportunities and frame their public narrative.

Launched in 2007 and active for 11 years, Ryan’s Rock Show was a music website and interview series covering rock, metal, and hardcore bands. A repository of band news and exclusive interviews with world-class musicians, the platform offered a window into the creative minds behind the music. Its roster of notable interviews, such as Korn, The Mars Volta, and Skrillex, gave fans an in-depth look into the dynamic world of these music genres.

Bonnerhaus was a residential house in North Hollywood transformed into a music venue. With a capacity of 100, it became a spot for rock, metal, and hardcore bands, providing an intimate setting that larger venues couldn’t match. Bonnerhaus was not just about local talent; it was also a stage for members of renowned touring bands, like Slipknot and Fall Out Boy, to perform with their side projects. It was a destination for fans to experience rare and special up-close performances.