Ryan Minic

Internet Entrepreneur / Digital Creator

Ryan Minic is an internet entrepreneur and digital creator with cerebral palsy. He began his journey homeless on the streets of Los Angeles in 2006 after dropping out of college. He was inspired to create Ryan’s Rock Show, a music website and interview series he pursued for a decade. Alongside this venture, Ryan honed his skills in the corporate world with a decade-long tenure at LegalZoom, where he gained a deep understanding of startups and media.

In 2014, Ryan’s interest shifted to online sales and ecommerce, leading him to invest his savings to launch and test various projects. This experience brought him hands-on knowledge in Shopify, ecommerce, and digital marketing. In 2017, he created GeekGalaxee, an online clothing retailer focused on streetwear, bootstrapping it within the first year to $75k/mo in revenue. In 2022, he sold one of his ecommerce brands.

Today, Ryan is the founder of Blast Commerce, an ecommerce agency that helps clients develop and scale their Shopify stores.